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Pain Management & Rehabilitation Services

At Associates in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation of SWPA in Washington, Pennsylvania, our approach to pain is to find its source and treat it directly. As such, we insist on proper diagnostic testing and explaining the results to our patients. Once identified, a patient may be referred for surgery or specialized injections. Often however, less invasive techniques can be successfully utilized. In these cases, there is an emphasis on physical therapy, exercise, weight loss, proper lifestyles, body mechanics and education. Soft tissue muscle and joint injections, as well as bracing, splinting may also be provided. Non-Narcotic pain medications are generally prescribed first.
Although injections may be performed and opioid medications may be prescribed, these techniques are used sparingly. Our emphasis is on prevention, identification of pain triggers, and rehabilitation with the goal of better function and gradual decrease of pain. Opioid medications are used as a last resort and in the lowest possible effective doses.

Impairment & Disability Evaluations

Our practice completes Impairment Ratings and Disability Evaluations for individuals, attorneys, and insurance companies.